Meal prep!

So my containers arrived Monday morning! I failed to stop the after midnight 5 course meals i’ve been having so i decided it was time to take action!
I went to Aldi in the evening to shop for all the ingredients that i needed. I’ll write up a full list later in this post with all the measuments and calorie info.
Here is my entire shop, all prepped!

Let’s start with breakfast:

Breakfast will be a sachet of aldi’s instant oats, made with skimmed milk and topped with salted caramel and ginger granola. I may even add a teaspoon of almond butter to get in those healthy fats.
total calories: 348


For lunch I’ll be having a slice of wholemeal rye bread topped with a cheese triangle (because you know I gotta sneak cheese in there somewhere).
Total calories: 174


To snack on I bought some bananas, a mixture of green and red grapes and to treat myself I picked up some cotton candy grapes! In those 2 bags there are smaller bags each containing 100g of grapes, so that I know exactly what I’m eating and I hopefully won’t be tempted to eat too much. Oo and i also picked up some gum to keep my mouth busy between meals 😂


For dinner I cooked 500g of chicken breasts in the oven at gas mark 5 for 35 minutes. I seasoned both sides with steak seasoning as that is my favourite seasoning to pair with chicken when I cook it at home. I used 3 whole heads of broccoli, got the total weight and divided that by 5 then put each 133g into my containers. I chose rice to be the part of my main meal that I switch up. On 2 days I’ll have 125g of classic white rice, another 2 days I will have 110g of wholegrain and quinoa rice and for the last day 125g of egg fried rice.


In the morning I’ll be starting my day with a glass of cold water followed by a cup of green tea. I used to drink a lot of green tea and even though it doesn’t taste all that great, it has grown on me and I look forward to drinking it. I also plan to drink as much water throughout the day as I can. I’m a massive water drinker and cold tap water is my favourite drink so it shouldn’t be too hard for me.

Grenade and Bootea?

This week is purely going to be me following my eating plan. At the end of the week I’m going to weigh myself, see how much I have lost if I have lost anything and then note that down. Then next week I’m going to be taking the Grenade tablets along side my diet plan. The week after that I’ll be adding the Bootea mojito edition that I didn’t finish. I’m doing this so I can see how the Grenade pills and the tea work.

My full list, measurements and calories:
– Aldi Instant Oats golden syrup: 1 sachet 148 calories
– Aldi Salted Caramel & Ginger Granola: 30 grams 137 calories
– Aldi Nature’s Pick Bananas: 1 Banana 90 calories
– Aldi Seedless Mixed Grapes 100g 66 calories
– Aldi Specially Selected Cotton Candy Grapes 92 grams 55 calories
– Aldi Emporium Kids Cheese Triangles 1 Triangle 36 calories
– Mestemacher Wholemeal Rye Bread 1 slice 138 calories
– Aldi The Foodie Market Almond Butter 1tsp 29 calories
– Aldi Ashfield Farm Chicken Breast 104 grams 110 calories
– Aldi Broccoli 133 grams 33 caloriez
Aldi Worldwide Foods Classic Long Grain Rice 125 grams 186 calories
– Aldi Worldwide Foods Wholegrain & Quinoa 110g 185 calories
– Aldi Worldwide Foods Egg Fried Rice 125g 194 calories
– Wrigley’s Extra Gum 1 pellet 2 calories

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